An explanation to the RAF forum as to why this forum has been created

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An explanation to the RAF forum as to why this forum has been created

Post by billy f on Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:31 pm

I sent the following to the comp sec and the treasurer so that the reasons for this forum are not misunderstood:



This is not meant to be a complaint, criticism or condemnation, just a presentation of facts and notification of a suitable solution.

Currently, the number of active associate motor racing members is significantly greater than the number of RAF Service members in both the Race Challenge, and in the now defunct Speed Challenge.


This was created by the RAFMSA.
Is it filled?
If so, there are no apparent means of communication, actions or representation?


Forum definition: Assembly for open discussion or debate.

The RAFMSA forum is not a Forum as an associate would normally expect, which can create problems regarding communication, especially when there are limited replies to other means of communication.

RAFMSA forum security restrictions:

Associates have and continue to experience difficulty in gaining access to the forum.

Associates do not have access to the MOSS site, where there appears to be information that is not on the RAFMSA forum.

This limits the expansion of the associate aspect of the activities, which is an area that is able to expand (though it is recognised that this is an aspect the RAFMSA may not wish to increase).

Admin problems with the forum, such as attachments, and updating the website information.

The forum has an autocratic, rather than democratic attitude, which can be divisive. Additionally, if non-abusive posts are censored because they do not toe the party line, this only creates discord.

The reasoning for the above is understood and is not contested, but there is an increasing need for associates to have a forum where they can voice their opinion, and to also expand the associate aspect (which could infringe the RAFMSA constitution).

BAMA and RNRMMSA serving and associate members experience similar problems with the RAFMSA forum as RAFMSA associate members. This often leads to direct contact with myself for information, which greatly increases my admin burden.


It appears the best solution to the above problems would be a new forum, which would provide a community and information centre for anyone (civilian and serving) interested in enjoying low cost motor racing and other associated activities. The draft aims of the forum would be:

To promote value for money motorsport. Broadly envisaged as having a value-for-money entry fee, a good expected level of competition and/or a large grid.

To promote sociable motorsport.

Any suitable event would be posted on the forum, and the RAFMSA, AFRC or other Service forum would be more than welcome to post links to these events and take part.

Additionally, if the RAFMSA, AFRC, etc are having suitable events, and are willing to have civilian entrants, then details would be posted on the forum.

This forum should not be seen as a rival to the RAFMSA forum, but rather a complimentary one. Additionally, as it would be disassociated from the RAFMSA forum, any comment regarding the RAFMSA should only relate to any events that the RAFMSA have invited members of this forum to attend.


The interests of the Service members and associate members can be best served by separate forums, but in a manner which would still allow both Service and civilians to compete in harmony. In other words, the civilian forum would be supportive rather than a rival.

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